Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps IS 15500- E.D.W.H.P

Extra Deep Well Hand Pump (EDWP) suitable for lifting water from extra deep set bore hole covering static water level (SWL) ranging from 40-90 mtrs. The Extra Deep Well Hand Pump is suitable for installation on bore well/casing size minimum dia. 100mm NB, however with a telescopic stand assy. in place of normal stand the EDW pump can be installed on 150mm NB on customers specific requirement.

The Extra deep well hand pump set consists of the followings :
1. Pump head
2. Heavier sq. Section (40mm) handle Assembly. fixed with bearings (2 Nos.), T-Bar and (3 nos.of triangular counter weights)
3. Chain with coupler
4. Third plate (intermediate flange)
5. Water tank assy. with 32mm (1-1/4”) R.P.Holder
6. Stand assy. normal
7. Optional telescopic stand assy.
8. Connecting rod, mild stl. Electro Galvanised (10 Nos.) Option-connecting rod SS (10 Nos.)
9. Cylinder assy.
10. Riser pipe 32 mm (1 ¼”) NB with socket (10 Nos.)
11. Set of hex bolts and nuts.

Counter weight requirement :
Counter weight setting (No.of weights)
Upto 60 Meters None
60 to 70 Meters One
70 to 80 Meters Two
80 to 90 Meters Three
Stroke Length ,100+/-4mm
Discharge – Min. 12 ltrs for 40 continuous strokes per minute

Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps