Domestic De-flouridation filter unit

Domestic Deflourination Unit

We Manufacture domestic defluoridation filter units based on adsorbent activated alumina technology.

Can fluoride from water be removed by boiling ?
No, fluoride cannot be removed by boiling. Boiling water for long time is also harmful as water will evaporate and get concentrated with fluoride and it should be avoided.

Can the water filters available in the market remove fluoride ?
Presently none of the water filters or water purifying systems except using Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology Systems, would remove fluoride.
Kent-RO-water purifying system is rather expensive for a rural home as it would cost nearly Rupees 7,500.00 and maintenance cost would add on to it. However, it is ideal for small industries or for community installation.

How to get safe water for cooking and drinking ?
The best method is to look for a source of water in the same locality where one lives, which has fluoride less than 1.0 mg/litre. It is not necessary that all sources of water in a locality will be contaminated with fluoride. Safe and unsafe sources of water are known co-exist.
The maximum requirement of water for cooking and drinking purposes for an individual is approximately 10 litres / day. Safe water should be used judiciously for consumption only. Contaminated water can be used for other domestic purposes including bathing, washing and cleaning etc.

Is there no other way to get safe water. ?
There is a filter now available which is known as Activated Alumina domestic defluoridation filter. The domestic filter is in use in nearly 10000 homes in certain endemic villages for Fluorosis in India. The filter is specially fabricated for the project areas where we are controlling Fluorosis village-wise. May be one day such filters may be available in the open market.

What are the food items / or other products which has high fluoride besides drinking water?

We need to develop a food fluoride compilation for which agricultural crops district-wise or state-wise need to investigated for fluoride content. However, there is some information suggesting the food and other items that need to be avoided due to high fluoride content. It is listed in the previous page under the heading: “fluoride contaminated items to be avoided”.