Deep Well Hand Pumps 2″ VLOM IS 15500 India Mark III

This standard Deep Well Hand Pump VLOM 50mm 2” ( India Mark III Deepwell Hand Pump )suitable for village level operational maintenance to lift water from deep set bore holes covering static water level (SWL) ranging from 20 mtrs to 30 mtrs. The pump is suitable for installation on bore well/casing size minimum dia 100mm. However with a telescopic stand in place of normal stand, the pump can be installed on a 150mm dia bore well to  customer’s specific choice.

Set of hand pump assemby. consists of

1. Pump head.
2. Handle assy. fixed with bearings (2 Nos.)
3. Chain with coupler assy.
4. Third plate (Intermediate Flange)
5. Water thank assembly. with 50mm NB Riser pipe holder.
6. Connecting rod mild Stl. Electro GALVANIZED  (10 Nos.) Optional stainless steel con.rods (10 Nos.)
7. Stand assembly normal Optional stand assembly telescopic
8. Compression cone plate
9. Compression rubber cone-Nitrile
10. Riser pipe 50 NB (2” NB) (10 Nos)
11. Riser pipe centralizer (5 Nos.)
12. Cylinder assy. OTC (Open Top Cylinder)
13. Set of Hex. Bolts and nuts

Deep Well Hand Pumps2