Welcome To Ind-Tech Services

Manufacturers & Exporters of Water Hand Pump, Deep well Hand Pump, Hand Pump, Afridev Pump

We started our company with the aim of providing safe drinking water ,which is the basic necessity to multitude of people ,. Even though three-fourth portion of the earth is covered with water, yet people in urban & rural areas (mostly in developing countries) do not have easy access to clean potable water. There is an obvious connection between quality of water and healthy longevity. Once we understand that our body is over 70% water & that water controls, virtually every aspect of our health, we begin to understand its relevance and importance.

A sound way of providing water in developing countries is to invest in low-cost options, like tapping ground water by means of Hand Pumps to provide clean water. IND-TECH SERVICES, established in 1983,is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company located in Hyderabad, South India, involved in manufacturing hand pumps of different models. , we have provided water solutions in the form of low-cost hand pumps to many countries.

Products Manufactured :

  • Deep Well Hand Pumps-IS 5500 (India Mark II )
  • Deep Well Hand Pumps (2 1/2” VLOM) IS 15500 (India Mark III )
  • Deep Well Hand Pumps (2” VLOM) IS 15500 (India Mark II )
  • Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps -IS 15500 (EDWHP.)
  • Complete spare parts for all types of Hand Pumps
  • Direct Action Hand Pump (TARA) IS-14106 (Shallow well application)
  • Afridev deep well hand pump-skat (Swiss Specn.)
  • N.6.C.I. Body hand pump (shallow application)
  • Steel Fabricated, hot dip galvanized suction pump (shallow application)
  • Modified IM II DWHP for over head water storage tank (Forcelift hand pump)
  • Treadle Pump for micro Irrigation
  • Domestic De-fluoridation filters (To reduce excess fluoride form water for human consumption)
  • Special tools for installation and maintenance, for IM II and IM III H.P.
  • Jigs, Fixtures, standard/ non std. Gauges, tools required for manufacturing of hand pumps
  • Hammers & Button bits for tube well drilling rigs .

Quality – Our Hallmark :

We have served several national & international clients by installing low-cost hand pump sets, which are a cost effective & hygienic means of drawing ground water. These sets are designed in such a way that they require little maintenance and they offer trouble-free performance. We are constantly innovating & are involved in R&D activities to keep up with the ever growing technology. Our products have set an example for others, as far as quality is concerned. Armed with an ISO 9001:2008 certification, we manufacture and export , our products which meet the international standard requirements.